Dearsan SALVO’s Firing Tests was successfully performed

Dearsan SALVO’nun Atış Töreni Başarıyla İcra Edildi

Dearsan SALVO’s Firing Tests was successfully performed

The firing tests ceremony of the Armed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (AUSV), which has an important value for the Defense Industry of our country, produced with domestic resources by Dearsan Shipyard, was held on Wednesday, May 25th 2022, on the coast of Kurşunlu Village in Karacabey District of Bursa, Turkey.

Ambassadors of many countries, Military attachés, many local and foreign diplomats, guests and members of the press attended the firing ceremony, which was hosted by Dearsan Shipyard and held in direct contribution of Aselsan, Roketsan and Yaltes.

The fastest AUSV in its class which fired against moving surface target with Guided Missile & Machine Gun, capable of competing with its counterparts in the world, capable to execute different tasks along with the valuable contributions of Dearsan's local and national solution partners, especially Aselsan, Roketsan and Yaltes. The firing tests ceremony of Dearsan SALVO started with the opening speech of Mr. Murat Gordi, Board Member of Dearsan Shipyard. Immediately after the descriptive presentation of Dr. Tahir Çonka, Dearsan International Business Development Manager, the firing tests of Dearsan SALVO which was live broadcasted in many respects, began.

The Firing tests started with a CIRIT missile firing from a Roketsan Turret System. The CIRIT shot, in which the moving target was successfully hit through the coordination of Dearsan, Aselsan, Roketsan, and Yaltes, was followed by a large screen mounted on the mainland, which observed the shooting range. Shortly after the CIRIT shot, the ceremony continued with the firing of the Aselsan-made 12.7 mm stabilized machine gun. Subsequently after these successful hits of the moving target, the reception part started.


General Specifications of Dearsan SALVO:

• Dearsan AUSV-SALVO has a length of 14,79 in meters, 3,83 meter of beam, 0,75 meters of draft and depending on the selection of diesel engine, the maximum speed can be varied between 45-60 Kts. (83 km/h – 111 km/h)

• In terms of weapon configuration, Dearsan AUSV-SALVO has Surface-to- Surface and Surface-to-Air Guided Missile Systems and 12.7 mm Stabilized Machine Gun System.

• In addition to these features above, other versions of Dearsan SALVO is continuing its design process. Those versions are going to be capable of performing special operations such as reconnaissance-surveillance and intelligence gathering.

Dearsan SALVO can be controlled remotely from;

  • Mobile vehicles
  • headquarters and command centers
  • deployable on floating platforms such as Landing Platform Docks, Frigates, Mine Hunting Vessels, Patrol Boats and Corvette class.
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