Dearsan Shipyard took part in the Maritime Patrol Naval Vessels (OPV) Report

Dearsan Shipyard, one of the greatest solution partners of its customers with its wide range of products and services, and has made great contributions to the sector for more than 30 years by retaining customer satisfaction in the first place, has been named as the leading "Key Manufacturers / Suppliers" in the sectoral growth report published on a global scale under the name of Maritime Patrol Naval Vessels.


In the report, which includes the recent activities and growth rates of many leading companies in the industry such as Lürssen Werft, Damen, Fincantieri, CSIC, Socarenam, Navantia, our company Dearsan, was shown as one of the leading companies in the sector with its growth expectations by taking production and service capabilities into consideration, its positive contribution to the growth of the sector and it expected growth which was forecasted for the next 5 years.

Maritime Patrol Naval Vessels 16.02.2022
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