DEARSAN USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) Has Been Launched

Dearsan SİDA Suya İndi

We are delighted to announce the launching of our USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) whose design works have been completed by our company.

Last week, USV was launched with a ceremony accompanied by our shipyard managers and staff, which made its first contact with the blue waters. 15 meters USV Attack, is the first member of the USV family which will start the sea trials in the near future; has a 12.7 mm Stabilized Machine Gun and a Guided Missile System. The USVs are capable to reach up to 60 knots in speed according to the end-users requirement, can also be deployed on warships, and able to get controlled remotely from mobile vehicles, headquarters, combat centers, and floating platforms.

The USV’s have operational capabilities in terms of reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering, surface and asymmetric warfare, armed escort, and strategic facility security, and has full autonomy with 3 different configurations; 15 meters USV Intelligence and Surveillance and 11-meter USV is designed in 2 different versions.

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