Environment Policy

The environmental policy which we, as DEARSAN, implement in our military and commercial ship design, construction, and repair activities, motivated by the slogan ‘Greener Production’, is;


·         To comply with relevant environmental laws and Regulations;

·         To organize all our activities in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and to comply with this requirements;

·         To reduce waste generation and to promote reuse and recycling in order to minimize the adverse effects of our services on the environment;

·         To protect the environment, and to propagate this principle to all of our employees;

·         To generate procedures and instructions for protecting the environment even in emergency situations;

·         To raise awareness by providing related training to our workers, subcontractors and subsidiary industrialists;

·         To reduce the utilization of raw materials and energy through technological improvements in production and productivity.


DEARSAN is committed to identify the important environmental factors in its activities, and to continuously improve its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System which has been established to generate objectives and programs related to these factors.


Our goals and objectives against environmental factors are


·         To minimize  air, maritime and land pollution;

·         To conduct activities for reducing carbon emissions, and to ensure efficient utilization of energy, natural resources, and materials via regular measurements of our carbon footprint;

·         To keep the environmental impacts arising from our and our subcontractors’ services under control, and to reduce these impacts;

·         Help protect the environment by joining environment protection associations.