• SAFE
-Length Overall 132.07 m.
-Length Between Perpendiculars 124.68 m.
-Length Waterline 126.85 m.
-Breadth Moulded 17.00 m.
-Depth 8.50 m.
-Depth To Cargo Hatch 10.20 m.
-Design Draught 6.64 m.
-Scantling Draught 6.70 m.
-Deadweight At Design Draught 7200 tons.
-Carriage Capacity 252 FEU
-Service Speed ABT.20.5 Kn
-Power (Main Engine MCR) ABT.2x4500 kW.
-Class RINA
-Notation                            C+Container Ship, Equipped For The Carriage Of CNG Containers, Unrestricted Navigation,
                                         Gas Fueled,Aut-Ums,Monshaft,CCS,Aut-Port,Green Star 3









Dearsan Marine CNG is a ship that has been designed with the maximum şevel of safety, modular, equipped with the Special Designed CNG Transport Containers which is equipped with lightweight Composite Cylinders connected in serial. The Project has been granted the approval in principle from the RINA Classification Society.

Using CNG helps reducing CO, emissions and its recovery allows to observe the increasingly widespread and strict regulations againist the practice of gas flaring. An issue that regards in particular producers in the oil & gas sector, who need to dispase of well-test gases and associated gases originating from ail extraction. The explaitation of these gases, so that they are transformed from byproducts into a resource, produces significant benefits both for sector aperatars and for the enviranment.

This solution, which is based on proven Technologies, allows to compress gas at 250 Bar.

Transporting CNG by sea is the ideal solution for all situations that do not justify investing in pipeliness or liquefaction or regasification facilities. Thanks to Dearsan Marine CNG ship the so-called marginal and stranded fields can be recowered and enhanced, monetising those small amounts of gas that The CNG transport process is very simple: and can moor at traditionall piers without special infrastructure.Once the gas that is transported this way reaches its destination,it is practically ready to be used, and can therefore be destined for regions lacking pipelines and regasification facilities. A Niche market that is nonetheless very interesting.

A new and exclusive solution, with a series of innovations that produce various operational, economic and environmental benefits Would otherwise be wasted. according to estimates, natural gas reserves with these characteristics amount to 180.000 bcm (over 950 trillion cubic feet-tcf).

Dearsan Marine CNG is the World first CNG ship for the maritime transport of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), designed by Dearsan using Type 4 Composite Cylinders, which İntroduces an IMPORTANT INNOVATION in the natural gas market: gas can be transported by sea without undergoing liquefaction, but by simple compression. This makes transport and delivery more PRACTICAL AND FASTER, more CONVENIENT and allows to AVOID THE WASTE of such a precious resource As natural gas.